The Magic of Taste on Your Plate


36 Hours in Florence, Italy

1 p.m. Pick a panino

The panino, filled with various ingredients such as prosciutto, burrata, truffles, tripe, lardo or lampredotto, is the most popular choice for a quick lunch in Florence. However, it is important to note that eating it on the streets is not allowed according to city regulations. Schiaccia Passera, a new shop located on a small piazza in the Oltrarno, offers made-to-order sandwiches on their own freshly baked schiacciata, a thinner and chewier version of focaccia from Tuscany. Some recommended options include La Passera, which consists of Tuscan salame, pecorino and porcini cream (€7), or the vegetarian option La Chiavi, featuring sun-dried tomatoes, baby artichokes, mushrooms and arugula (€6). These can be enjoyed with a refreshing citrusy house spritz (€6).


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